Online Giving

We all have something to give. Even our time, or skills.

Prayer, giving, and serving are some of the most simple ways to honor our Lord!  Whether you’re honoring Him through communication, through your dollars and cents, or through your personal effort…you’re glorifying Him!

What is your part in this story?

Give how God leads you.

Go where God sends you.

Follow His lead.

giving options



  1. We care about your privacy, so it is very important to understand that online giving in MyChurch is private to Bethany.
  2. To log in for the first time click on "Are you new? Creat an account " below.
  3. By the next work week you will be approved to see more information that is for only members and regular attenders.
  4. When you are logged in you will see your past giving, you can create recurring giving and update your giving options.
  5. Click on the "Click Here To Give Now" button to start online giving.
  6. Add a giving method.
  7. By using your bank account for giving there are less fees we pay, but you can also give with credit cards. 
  8. You control when, how much, and how it should be allocated.