Getting Married at Bethany Church...

We want every couple to experience a memorable and sacred wedding service. Marriage is a covenant through which a man and a woman offer vows before God to live out together their lives of discipleship. Our policies about weddings emerge from this conviction as stated in the Bible, our authority.

General Wedding Policy

Since our purpose is to establish Christian marriage in the context of a loving community, weddings at Bethany are reserved for individuals that are followers of Christ and who attend Bethany Church.

We feel an obligation under the Lord to prepare engaged couples as best we can for their life together. Therefore, couples who want to be married at Bethany must go through pre-marital counseling.

We believe sexual abstinence before marriage is God's design for each couple. We also believe living separately from each other until the wedding day is important in creating space for you to maintain the boundaries needed to do your pre-marital counseling well. Therefore, we ask you as a couple, to covenant with each other and God, to abstain sexually throughout the pre-marital period until you are married, and to live separately until your wedding day.

Contact the church office, 608.781.2466 or email, for more information.