Text Giving

We all have something to give. Even our time, or skills.

Prayer, giving, and serving are some of the most simple ways to honor our Lord!  Whether you’re honoring Him through communication, through your dollars and cents, or through your personal effort…you’re glorifying Him!

What is your part in this story?

Give how God leads you.

Go where God sends you.

Follow His lead.

giving options



  1. This is an option for people who do not want to set up online giving.
  2. Credit cards are the only giving option for texting.
  3. Text general1 $5 to 30131. In place of the $5 you can put any higher amount.
    • Other options: Text building1 $5, deacon1 $5, mission1 $5 to 30131.
  4. You will receive a text back with a link to enter your credit card info.
  5. Next time you text to give you will not need to enter your credit card info.
  6. To edit your credit card information text general1 edit to 30131. 
  7. If you made a mistake in the amount after receiving the confirmation text general1 refund within 30 minutes.