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Kid's Ministry

 Amazing potential and boundless energy.

Is church BORING for your kids? Do you as parent’s hear “Do we have to go to church this morning?” Not at Bethany. (OK, maybe on a few occasions.) We, at Bethany, have worked hard to know our kid’s culture and recognize the way kids learn. We understand the Biblical needs of kids and families. So we have created an intergenerational ministry that includes kids and their parents and grandparents. We actually have a plan to reach and teach your family (kids, parents and grandparents.) 

Our Kid's Ministry is built on a philosophy that kids learn best through repetition and they learn best when their parents are involved in that process. So we lean heavily on the home to support what we do at church. And the home leans heavily on us to support what goes on at home.

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Kid’s Ministry...
an exciting, visual, fun time where kids learn God’s Word.