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Experience spiritual growth with other women! 

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A Women's Bible Study

We meet every Tuesday 9:09-11:00 a.m. at Bethany Church. Come early for coffee!
Our Spring session began on February 7. Future sessions will be advertised soon!

The Bible is God's very own story - start to finish and you are a part of that story! That's why Morning Equipping welcomes women from Bethany and the greater La Crosse community to gather for the purpose of exploring God's Word, gaining His wisdom for life issues, experiencing genuine spiritual growth, and enjoying deep friendships with women of all ages.

On Tuesday mornings we initially gather together as a large group to pray and worship, then we break into our smaller groups for digging deeper into God's Word, discussion for clarity, caring and praying for each other.

Childcare for preschool kids is available through our wonderful Kid's Edition program that operates in conjunction with Morning Equipping.

Study Options:

  • The Armor of God  & Fervent by Priscilla Shirer
    • Study Part 1 -The Armor of God - All day, every day, an invisible war rages around you. A cunning, devilish enemy seeks to wreak havoc on everything that matters to you - your emotions, your mind, your family, your future. But...when the enemy meets a woman dressed for the occasion, he fails miserably. Join Priscilla Shirer in a 7-session Bible study that will challenge you to suit up, stand firm, and secure victory in your life.  

    • Study Part 2 - Fervent - Satan isn't your enemy in an impersonal way; he specifically wants to destroy you! In her book, Fervent, author Priscilla Shirer brings her recent debut role in War Room into the lives of real women to show them how to renew their passion, refocus their identity, deal with regrets, defeat temptation, weather fears, and uproot bitterness. Fervent is a woman's battle plan for serious, specific, and strategic prayer.

  • The Principles from the Women of the Bible by Eddie Rasnake, Richard Shepherd & Wayne Barber
    • Study women of the Bible and discover what relevance they have to you - a modern day Christian woman. These women can teach us life lessons on surrender, obedience, rebellion, home-life, and parenting. You'll find a discussion on a woman's position before God, and answers to other difficult questions. Characters studied are: Hagar, Lot's Wife, Rebekah, Leah, Rachel, Abigail, Bathsheba, Jezebel, Elizabeth, The Woman at the Well, Women of the Gospels, and The Submissive Wife.

  • Raising Responsive Children by Judy Rossi
    • Mom, God's goal is not to change your children so they'll do what you want; it's to change you, so you'll do what He wants! Focusing on a mother's responsibilities (including prayer, discipline, and character development), this 12-week study first examines your relationship with your heavenly parent and then applies that biblical truth to your marriage and kids.

  • Ten Basic Steps by Bill Bright

    • This spring the 10 Steps to Christian Maturity will continue with:

      STEP 8: The Christian and Giving. You will learn sound biblical principles for giving that will enable you to truly enjoy the promised blessings of God in your life.

      STEP 9: Exploring the Old Testament shows what God did to prepare the way for Jesus Christ. In this study you will discover: The big picture of God's work in Old Testament times God's pattern of promise and blessing The real purpose of the law The true significance of God's grace and forgiveness. 

      STEP 10: Explores and surveys the message of the New Testament as a whole. The study shows the focus of the four Gospels and highlights the exciting beginning of the Church.

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For information regarding Morning Equipping, contact Marggi Porcari.