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Group Catalog

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Michael Anderson/Katie Powers

UW-L Sunday 5:30pm Young Adult  
Jon Cravillion/Kira Crook
S. La Crosse Sunday 5:30 pm Young Adult  
Mason & Susie Hardy
Onalaska Sunday 5:30 pm Young Adult  
Josh Walker/Ashton Speckeen
La Crosse Sunday 5:30 pm Young Adult  
Carl Anderson At Perkins Thursday 6:00 pm Mature  
Craig & Jessica Buckley S. La Crosse Sunday 5:30 pm  Young Families  X 
Dave & Julie Dahl S. La Crosse Wednesday 6:30 pm Any  
Josh Dahl Holmen Sunday 6:30 pm Any  
Tylor & Tiffany Fischer Onalaska Tuesday 6:30 pm Young Families X
Dick & Lorna Fox La Crescent Wednesday 6:30 pm Mature  
Ron & Jan Garrison La Crescent 


6:30 pm  Any   
Brad & Betsy Gerdes Onalaska  Monday  6:30 pm  Any   
Tony & Julie Gerig  West Salem  Sunday  6:00 pm  Young Families  X
Gene & Ellen Grah Onalaska Thursday 7:00 pm Any  
Joe & Jennifer Gregas Coon Valley Sunday 2:00 pm Any  X 
Ryan & Olivia Kennedy S. La Crosse  Monday 6:00 pm  Young Families  
Randy & Jeannine Larson West Salem  Tuesday
7:00 pm  Any   
Jeff & Meg LeClaire West Salem Sunday 5:00 pm Young Families X
Bill & Glenna Lendardson  C. La Crosse  Monday  6:30 pm  Any   
Ray Miller At Bethany Tuesday 1:00 pm Any  
Jeremy & Courtney Novak  C. La Crosse  Sunday  4:30 pm  Young Families  X
Kurt & Meg Pfuhl West Salem  Wednesday  6:30 pm  Any   
Corey & Carol Sateren  Onalaska  Sunday  6:30 pm  Any   
John & Barbara Schaller Holmen/Onalaska  Sunday  6:30 pm  Any   
Kirk & Kari Stoa  Holmen  Friday  6:00 pm  Young Families  X
Terry & Darlene Torgerson S. La Crosse Friday 

6:00 pm  Any   
Bill & Renee Transburg  Onalaska  Sunday  5:00 pm  Mature  
Matt & Mel Weege S. La Crosse Sunday 4:30 pm Young Families X
Doug & Dawn Wilson  At Church Saturday 
6:00 pm  Any   


If the group is full, then we will direct you to a similar group. 

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