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2018 Audio Series 

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1/09/2018mp388 MB
1/21/2018mp368 MB
1/29/2018mp388 MB
2/06/2018mp379 MB
2/12/2018mp383 MB
2/19/2018mp375 MB
2/25/2018mp364 MB
3/04/2018mp360 MB
3/12/2018mp388 MB
3/19/2018mp364 MB
3/25/2018mp353 MB
4/01/2018mp360 MB
4/08/2018mp350 MB
4/15/2018mp354 MB
4/22/2018mp363 MB
4/29/2018mp374 MB
5/07/2018mp370 MB
5/13/2018mp369 MB
5/20/2018mp357 MB
5/27/2018mp350 MB
6/04/2018mp374 MB
6/11/2018mp370 MB
6/18/2018mp376 MB
6/25/2018mp379 MB
7/02/2018mp376 MB
7/09/2018mp390 MB
7/16/2018mp391 MB
7/22/2018mp382 MB
7/23/2018mp368 MB
7/30/2018mp321 MB
8/05/2018mp363 MB
8/12/2018mp353 MB
8/20/2018mp379 MB
8/27/2018mp377 MB
9/03/2018mp389 MB
9/09/2018mp366 MB
9/17/2018mp366 MB
9/23/2018mp354 MB
10/01/2018mp368 MB
10/07/2018mp356 MB
10/14/2018mp375 MB
10/22/2018mp381 MB
10/29/2018mp381 MB
11/04/2018mp362 MB
11/12/2018mp384 MB
11/18/2018mp355 MB
11/26/2018mp368 MB
12/02/2018mp328 MB
12/10/2018mp375 MB