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02-19-2017 - Well Done SERIES 02-19-2017 - Well Done

Pastor Billy Hestand
Well Done
Matthew 25:14-30

02-12-2017 - Well Done SERIES 02-12-2017 - Well Done

Pastor David Baxley
Well Done
Matthew 10:17-23

02-05-2017 - Well Done SERIES 02-05-2017 - Well Done

Pastor David Baxley
Well Done
Matthew 25:14-30

1-29-2017 - Stop and Pray SERIES 1-29-2017 - Stop and Pray

Pastor David Baxley
Stop and Pray
Matthew 6:16-18


Well Done - What God Gives You

Do you see that all you have is God’s? Do you realize God created you to exactly with what you need? In this 4 week series we will look to s

Stop and Pray

Pastor David takes an in depth look at what prayer really is and why it's so important to our Christian lives.

From the Inside Out

With the new year, it's time for a new year's resolution that will actually make a difference.

Christmas Outside the Box

Our 2016 Christmas sermon series.

The Three Chairs

Take a moment to evaluate where you stand in your spiritual life.

King Me

This series takes a closer look at each of the kings of Israel, from Saul all the way to Christ.

Tweets from Heaven



Pastor Billy Hestand speaks about church "insiders" and "outsiders".

The Book of Acts

An in depth look at the book of Acts.

The Forgiveness of the Father

Father's Day message by Pastor Billy Hestand

Guest Speakers

Sermons from our guest speakers.

Embrace the Cross

Easter at Bethany

What is Love?

Special Valentine's day sermon exploring the true nature of love.

God's Indescribable Gift

This two part holiday series examines the first Christmas gift; Jesus Christ, God's gift to us.


Everything you do today matters forever!

The Seven Churches of Revelation

Pastor Corey takes a closer look at what John had to say to the seven churches in Revelation.

Unveiled: A Study Through the Book of Revelation

An in-depth look at the book of Revelation and what it tells us about Jesus Christ.

Family Revisited

A closer look at the structure of the family and the roll of each of its members.

The Mission of Jesus

Guest speaker Randy Larson on the mission of Jesus.

Christmas with the Prophesied One

This Christmas season we take a look at the Old Testament prophesies about Jesus Christ.

The Family

Loving Relationships

Bethany's Unique

Bethany's Unique Mission

You Asked For It

Relevant questions asked by the inquisitive folks at Bethany that they wanted Pastor Corey to address in the Sunday morning services. You’ll

We Are Church

This year-long series will take us deep into the strategy of Bethany Church in leading all generations to passionately follow Christ.