Get Involved (Engage)


Worship Community

 "The whole person, with all his senses, with both mind and body, needs to be involved in genuine worship.” 
                                                                       - Jerry Kerns

Living in Community with each other is a strong value of our Worship Arts Ministry. We want to share life together, support each other, and grow deeper in our relationships with each other.  There are several ways we do that and we want to invite you to be a part of them!

The Worship Community includes all those that are a part of our Worship Arts Ministries, whether a part of the worship band in youth or on Sunday morning, a part of the Technical Production Teams, or a part of supporting our Creative Arts Ministry, all are part of our community and team!

Bethany’s Worship Arts ministry has several different teams that are a core part of much of the ministry that takes place each week.  We have our musical worship teams that help lead worship in our Sunday Morning and Student Worship services, as well as our Technical Production Team, our behind the scenes technical support to these worship teams and services. Our Creative Arts Team is our team that helps plan the creative side of these worship services, finding ways to connect the mind and heart of those that attend with the heart and words of Jesus.

We also have Worship Community parties every few months outside of church, which helps us get to know each other better and have fun outside of serving each week. This is open to anyone that serves in the Worship Arts Ministry.

Check out each of these teams to find out more info about the ministry and what they are doing. Maybe one of these teams would be a fit for you as you are looking to see how God can use you and your gifts.

If you would like to get involved in any area of Worship Arts, see our Volunteer Opportunities page or contact our Worship Pastor David Baxley.

"It is in the process of being worshipped that God communicates His presence to men." - C.S. Lewis