Volunteer Opportunities

Where can I serve at Bethany?


There are many areas of ministry waiting to welcome you! Below is a list of volunteer opportunities (click on any link to jump to a ministry description and contact information): 

Adult Ministry 

  • Women’s Ministry Team – contact Marggi Porcari for current needs.

    • Meals for Moms - contact Marggi Porcari for current needs.
  • Grow Group Leaders – lead, direct, shepherd a Grow Group. Contact Pastor Corey Sateren.

  • Deacon Ministry – The Deacon Ministry is currently an official ministry of the church whose members are elected annually; however, they desire others to serve alongside them as they minister to those who are ill, injured, disabled, or have special needs. Also assist with serving communion, baptisms, and hospital visitation. Go to the Deacon Page to let us know if you are interested in assisting the deacons in any of these areas. Contact Marggi Porcari for more information. 

  • DivorceCare – This group runs 1-2 times per year and is led by people who understand the struggles and pain associated with divorce.
  • Mission Ministry – contact the church office for current needs.

Carpenter Team

  • A team of skilled workers who make, finish, or repair objects or structures for the ministries of the Church. Contact the church office for current needs.

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Children & Family Ministry Team

This ministry has several opportunities to combine the two powerful influences of church and home to build God's Kingdom in the hearts of children from birth through 5th grade and their families. Contact our Children & Family Ministry Pastor Norv Brown.

  • Nursery – birth to 2 year olds. The Bethany Nursery is a “soft, colorful” environment where we care for the smallest, most adorable population at Bethany! In the Nursery area volunteers are needed to serve both Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings as:
    • Hourly Coordinators – Warmly welcome & assist parents with checking their children into Bethany’s awesome nursery! Provide leadership to nursery area volunteers.
    • Nursery Volunteers- Warmly welcome and provide safe care for babies and toddlers.
  • Sunday Morning Small Groups – 2 year olds to 5th grade.
    • Classroom Facilitators – Provide leadership and support to classroom small group leaders. Oversee the learning environment in the classroom.
    • Classroom Leaders – Serve as a leader to a small group of up to 10 children; encourage spiritual growth through relationships, discussion, prayer, and small group activities.
  • Sunday Morning Elementary Large Group - Praise Place
    • Music – Vocally lead kids worship. Sing to tracks. Must be able to use energetic music. Able to do some choreography.
    • Host – Act as MC or “up front” person for large group elementary experience.
  • Sunday morning Preschool Large Group - Wee Worship
    • Music – Lead preschool children in worship songs
    • Storyteller – Tell the Bible story in a fun, compelling manner to preschoolers.
  • Zone Coordinator – provide support to all Sunday morning classrooms and Classroom Facilitators.
  • Buyer(s)/Shopper(s) Team – help behind the scenes with shopping for the supplies we need to run an effective ministry to kids.
  • AWANA – exciting mid-week program for 2 year olds-5th grade, meets Wednesdays during the academic year. To volunteer for this ministry, fill out the AWANA Leader Form.
    • Listener – listen to children recite their memory verses.
    • Games – lead kids in game time.
    • Leader – provide leadership to an age group of kids. 

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Coffee Team

Welcome folks with a hot cup of coffee! It's all about brewing up coffee and serving with a smile! One more way to welcome folks and help them feel at home (and awake)! Contact our Ministry Director Marggi Porcari.

Connections Team

The ministry that welcomes people to the church and knows that 1st impressions make a huge impact. Contact our Ministry Director Marggi Porcari.

  • Parking Lot Ministry "PARC" (Park And Retrieve Cars) – valet park vehicles for those who need and appreciate it.
  • Greeter Ministry – warmly welcome guests to Bethany.
  • Information Ministry – help people find what they need.
  • Usher Ministry – way more than just seating people!
  • Gift of Love Ministry – a “behind the scenes” welcome to first time visitors with a brief personal visit to their home to deliver a “gift of love”.
  • Foyer Décor Team – the “Wow! From the moment I walked in the doors I felt welcome” Team! They make the church always look and feel welcoming, no matter the season or event! 

ER Team - (currently under construction)

Just in case of an emergency...we've got the team! The Emergency Response Team are trained people who handle any situation with experience and grace until professionals arrive (if necessary). Contact our Ministry Director Marggi Porcari.

Facility Maintenance

Do you enjoy painting, grounds work, spring or fall clean up, doing general repairs and maintenance? Help us take great care of what God has blessed us with. Contact the church office.

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Where kids brings their parents to learn in a multi-media, family friendly worship service! Contact our Children & Family Ministry Pastor Norv Brown.

  • Singers – Adults
  • Dancers – Boys and Girls 3rd grade through 5th grade
  • Actors – Men, women, boys, and girls who are willing to take direction, understand timing of lines, and acting basics.

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Kitchen Ministry

  • Events, meetings, or...You just love to be in the kitchen! Contact the church office for current ministry needs.

Library Team

Help people find just what they are looking for in our over 9,000 awesome resources. Contact our Library Coordinator.

Prayer Team

It's so easy to get involved in our Prayer Ministry! Just send a request to our e-chain stating that you would like to be added to the contact list. Also, check out our Prayer Ministry page to see times and locations for Prayer Team meetings.

Sermon Staging Team 

The team that captures the sermon or sermon series with visuals for all to see and understand! Contact Senior Pastor Corey Sateren.

Student Ministry

Our Student Ministry exists to move our students toward spiritual maturity and growth in their relationship with Jesus Christ through pursuing God, connecting with the church, and engaging the world. We believe that students have a strategic impact to make on our community. Here are a few opportunities for privileged adults to get involved in this incredible ministry:

  • Sunday Morning Host - Warmly welcome all students who come through the doors on Sunday morning and help them feel at home at Bethany! May include whipping up some snacks! 
  • Wednesday Evening Cell Groups - Small group bible studies that meet on Wednesday evenings for a time of developing deeper relationships, challenging one another, and being mentored by adult leaders. Groups are divided by grade and gender.
  • Water Ski Team - A summer ministry to students 8th -12th grade. No previous ski experience necessary! Meets most Wednesday mornings, June-August for weekly instruction in the Word and on the water! Discipleship and evangelism are at the heart of this ministry. Also, optional one-week retreat/camp.

Contact the church office if you would like to talk to someone about getting involved in the Student Ministry!

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Worship Arts

The Worship Arts Ministry at Bethany Free Church is a community of people that come together with a variety of creative gifts and talents. Musicians, singers, graphic artists, video creators, production techs and more all make up this community. Contact our Worship Pastor David Baxley.

  • Creative Arts Team - We have a team that meets each week to help develop our weekly worship services. Along with that team we also need those that can help support the creation of those creative art pieces that are a part of the worship service. If you have a passion for being artistic and creative and for using that art to help others grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ we would love to have you be a part of our team. We are looking for graphic creators for worship, those that can help write dramas or act, those that can create movies, and other creative artistic skills.
  • Sunday Morning Teams - We have two worship services on Sunday morning and we have the same worship team/production serve for both services. We are working to build worship teams that are on an every other week rotations and serve together regularly to grow as a team and as musicians that worship and play together. We are always looking for new musicians, singers, and techs.
  • Technical Production Team - Our Technical Production Team is a vital part of our Worship Arts ministry. Check out the many areas listed that support the worship services and special events at Bethany Church.
    • Producer - This is a leadership role that looks at the big picture of a Sunday morning service and then supports making the details happen and work together. This role works closely with the worship leader and teaching pastor as well as the production teams. This is a vital role and requires attention to detail and a servant heart willing to do whatever it takes to support their production team, worship team, and Pastors on Sunday Morning. Helping make sure the each element for the worship services is working together to accomplish the goal of each part, while not distracting or taking away from the message.
    • Sound Technician - The Sound Tech is a member of the Sunday Morning Production Team. Past experience is not required. There are some skills/abilities that are needed to be a good sound technician. Having a love of music and a value for and understanding of quality sound in a music mix is important. A willingness to work with the worship pastor to create mixes that support the worshipping community at Bethany is vital. Also enjoying listening to music similar to what our worship team plays on Sunday Morning is helpful in supporting what is being done weekly at Bethany. Attention to detail is needed as well as the ability to take both positive and critical feedback in order to better craft your skill as a tech.
    • Computer Tech - The Computer Tech is a member of the Sunday Morning Production Team. No past experience is required. To be a successful computer tech it is important to be able to focus and to have attention to detail while not being easily distracted. This role vital in supporting the participating of our congregation in worship and your ability to focus and value your role on the team is important. This role works closely with our Producer and Worship pastor to ensure that they have everything they need to be empowered as a part of our team and help lead our body in worship.
    • Video Mixer - We record our services each week and having a great video mix is vital to our services as it is sent via live feed to various parts of the building while also being recorded for our website. No past experience is required. This is a great position for someone who loves technology and loves being able to be creative with the tools they are using. Mixing our worship times and messages while helping make sure the message each week can go out, not only on Sunday morning but through our web streaming as well.
  • Student Worship Teams - We have a student led worship team that leads worship at our weekly Wednesday evening Cell Groups. This team wants to be a part of creatively leading worship and helping their peers encounter the living God. 
    • Student Technical Production Team - We also have a student led Technical Production Team that supports the Student Worship and other events.