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Gather Grow Engage

"Our mission is to pursue and equip families to passionately follow Christ."

HOW are we doing it?


Step #1:  


Sunday mornings are the place to be!  Whether you’re on your own or in a family; whether you’re Grand-parents, parents, teen or child; whether you’re just beginning to search for some answers in life; have known God in the past but shut him out some time ago; or you've had an ongoing relationship with Jesus for years; there’s a place for you to gather at Bethany on Sunday morning.

KIDstuf – where kids bring their parents to learn about God!

Student Life – where students grades 6-12 are inspired to live a REAL LIFE committed to Christ!

Worship Center – where adults and families exalt God and experience Him personally!

Step #2:  


Saturating your inner craving to know God better is what growing is all about!  Whether you’re an adult, student, or kid we’re committed to coming alongside anyone who wants to move forward in their relationship with God! Growing spiritually is not instantaneous; it happens by taking intentional steps one day at a time and doing that within a community. 

Step #3:  


Life isn’t all about intake!  Jesus said, “It’s more of a blessing to give than it is to receive!” (Acts 20:35) Engaging at Bethany is all about letting God use the abilities, personality, gifting, heart, and past experiences He has brought your way…to inspire others for Him!  Now that’s a blessing! Engaging in other’s lives is really what it’s about!


                                                         OUR mission measures...