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Mission Measure

How is your mission going?

Bethany’s Mission is to “Pursue & equip families to passionately follow Christ”. So how do we each ‘measure’ whether we are accomplishing our mission? Well, our leadership has put together some ways to evaluate ourselves to see if we each are meeting the mission of our church. Rejoice in areas which you have met; and strive in areas which you are currently lacking. It’s a daily and ongoing process in our spiritual life, but let’s all join together and do our part as we “Pursue & equip families to passionately follow Christ”!

Living with Godly priorities & obedience.
Daily attentiveness to the Lord.
Active, regular participation at weekend worship.

Applying Scripture to life through personal Bible study and spiritual disciplines.
Authentic relationships and accountability.
Active, regular participation in a Grow Group.

Using spiritual gifts within the church.
Serving with humility, joy, and sacrifice.
Active, regular participation on a Ministry Team.

Meeting physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the body.
Practicing the ministry of presence.
Protecting the “gossip free zone.”

Biblical Stewardship (giving, offerings, and resources).
Generous giving of time and talents to the body.
Living a financially responsible lifestyle.

Personal and daily prayer, confession, and praise.
Continual dependence on God for decision making.
Praying with and for others.

Local and global outreach to the last, the least, and the lost through Bridging Initiatives.
Sharing faith and inviting others into the church body.
Showing love with people in a practical way.

All for the purpose of bringing glory and honor to our God.

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